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Foot pain treatments Bendigo

May 29, 2020

Foot pain can take many forms, and this has been more highlighted with the COVID Pandemic. The Bendigo region has seen many more e people out walking and walking more prolonged and more frequently. For some of these people, walking was not the central part of their lifestyle before. At O’Dwyer Podiatry, we treat foot…

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Fungal Nail treatment Bendigo

May 29, 2020

Looking for fungal nail treatment in Bendigo? Nails that are infected by fungus can be tender as well as thick & ugly. The invasion can cause damage of the nail plate in the long run leading to permanent ugly nails. Note to Self: Get my nails checked ! At O’Dwyer Podiatry Group in Bendigo we can…

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Nail Surgery Aftercare

November 21, 2018

Nail Surgery Aftercare is easy and straight forward. After toe nail surgery care is very important if you have had surgery of any kind on your toe nails. The following sep by step points are very important Step by step guide to caring for your toenails after surgery: Shower and clean (as advised by your…

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8 Spring Racing High Heel Tips

October 25, 2016

It’s finally Spring! And that means the start of the Spring Racing Carnival. Time to get out our frocks, fascinators and fantastic heels! We could tell you to wear sensible, comfortable shoes to the races, but we know it’s just too tempting to bust out those brand new heels. Instead, here is our list of…

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Summer Podiatry Hints

December 11, 2014

Some things to look out for these Summer Holidays Sun screen We get a lot of hot summer sunshine in Bendigo and the top of your feet can get sun burnt the same as any other skin on your body. Melanomas and skin cancers can and do form on the feet after sun exposure. So…

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Fungal Nails

November 26, 2014

A new treatment for unsightly, thick, damaged or fungal nails is now available at O’Dwyer Podiatry in Bendigo. Many nails are affected with a fungus that will damage either / or the nail bed or nail plate. They are uncomfortable, unsightly and can damage hosiery and footwear damage. Left untreated nasty infections or ulcers can…

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Don’t self-diagnose podiatry problems!

November 6, 2014

And definitely don’t self-treat them… Based in Bendigo, we provide a variety of podiatry services for a range of conditions, some as a result of injury and others as a result of ongoing medical conditions. Your feet are incredibly important, yet they are often under-appreciated or cared for. People cut and colour their hair multiple times a…

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