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General podiatry, Bendigo

As a qualified podiatrist in Bendigo, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions. We have specific services targeting concerns such as diabetes and sports injuries. But we also provide treatments for a range of other common foot concerns such as heel pain and heel spurs.

Many people who present with these conditions say that their heel feels “bruised” and this pain won’t go away or it keeps coming back. Heel pain can arise as a result of playing sport or it can arise for no apparent reason! It is common in children, the elderly and people who are really active. Heel pain can be treated and then prevented in the future by wearing appropriate footwear and even strapping your heel when playing sport.

The health of your feet is incredibly important and it’s best not to self-diagnose or self-treat potential issues. One of the reasons this is important is because pain can be referred from another spot and what you might think is the source of pain is actually referred pain. As professional podiatrists we are experts at reading feet. If you have pain anywhere on your feet simply contact us to make an appointment at our practice. Our range of services includes pain-free fungal nail treatments in Bendigo.