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Children's podiatry, Bendigo

Even children can have foot problems. Children of all ages present to our podiatry practice with conditions ranging from turned, flat or rolled feet, ingrown and curly nails, twisted toes, growing pains, warts, heel pain, gait concerns and more. These sorts of concerns can affect the regular sporting and social activities your child usually engages in. They might be experiencing pain, embarrassment or general difficulty walking and as a parent you don’t want to see your child experience any of these things!

Based in Bendigo, we provide podiatry services for children of all ages, from birth through to adulthood. Each age group (0 through to 17) has its own range of problems. We go through the child’s history, talk about sports they play and the activities they engage in to assess the problem and develop a management plan if required.

Many parents bring their family in for check ups, just as they do for the dentist. This is a great idea and is encouraged, because if you are aware of any potential problems then you as a parent can watch out for any of the discussed conditions and then manage them. Early assessment and diagnosis with management can make a big difference to how your child plays and grows.

Please contact us to make an appointment for your child or whole family today. Our podiatrists also provide foot help for medical conditions in Bendigo such as diabetes.