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Podiatry services, Bendigo


Our qualified group of podiatrists in Bendigo provides specific and general podiatry services for a range of conditions. We treat people of all ages, from birth through to the elderly, children and adults. We treat common foot conditions such as bunions, heel pain and spurs, ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, sports injuries and more. We take referrals through TAC, WorkCover, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and more. Claims and rebates are available for people who are covered for podiatry treatments through their private healthcare fund. Don’t take your foot health for granted, contact us for a check up today.

Aged Care

Podiatry has traditionally treated the older members of our society for toenail cutting, corn and callus reduction. We still provide these aged care podiatry services in Bendigo. However, today the “older” person is more active and does develop more problems with their feet because we are living longer and walking more. As we age the foot…

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Even children can have foot problems. Children of all ages present to our podiatry practice with conditions ranging from turned, flat or rolled feet, ingrown and curly nails, twisted toes, growing pains, warts, heel pain, gait concerns and more. These sorts of concerns can affect the regular sporting and social activities your child usually engages in. They might…

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Skin & nail conditions

Fungal nails and skin conditions on the feet, including warts and ingrown toenails, affects not just the health of your feet but also your confidence. People with such conditions are often too embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes, which can make the problem worse as the feet are less exposed to fresh air and are unable to heal!…

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Medical conditions

Foot-help for arthritis, diabetes and other conditions affecting the health of your feet   Certain medical conditions can affect the health of your feet. It’s important you have a professional podiatrist monitor the health of your feet and provide treatments where needed to alleviate pain and prevent further issues. Common medical conditions which can affect…

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Foot Mechanics

Incorrect alignment of your toes, feet, ankles, knees and hips can make walking comfortably a difficult task. Left untreated, these sorts of problems can lead to other health concerns and affect your quality of life. You don’t have to live with painful or embarrassing alignment conditions, they can be treated and the sooner you seek professional attention…

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Sports Podiatry

Feet play an important role in your ability to play sport, exercise and stay fit and healthy! If you become injured or have a foot problem you can miss out on the health and social benefits sport brings. When you play as part of a team you won’t want to stay sidelined for long or if…

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Other Conditions

As a qualified podiatrist in Bendigo, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions. We have specific services targeting concerns such as diabetes and sports injuries. But we also provide treatments for a range of other common foot concerns such as heel pain and heel spurs. Many people who present with these conditions say that their…

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