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Aged care podiatry, Bendigo

Podiatry has traditionally treated the older members of our society for toenail cutting, corn and callus reduction. We still provide these aged care podiatry services in Bendigo. However, today the “older” person is more active and does develop more problems with their feet because we are living longer and walking more.

As we age the foot gets bigger (it’s a fact of life!). So shoe sizes need to be changed, just because you fitted into an 8B 20 years ago doesn’t mean your foot is still this shape and size. If you’re still wearing old-fitting shoes and having pain or foot problems, then maybe your fitting is wrong.

Age-related problems can include foot strain, bunions, forefoot pain, heel pain, corns and calluses, thick nails, buckled toes, shuffling gait, shoe fitting, diabetes and the list goes on and on.

Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, asthma, circulation disorders, stroke, etc. all have an effect on the foot and how YOU get around. We understand the function of the foot and how it relates to mobility and we aim to keep you as mobile as possible. We also provide podiatry for medical conditions in Bendigo.