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Skin and nail treatments, Bendigo

Fungal nails and skin conditions on the feet, including warts and ingrown toenails, affects not just the health of your feet but also your confidence. People with such conditions are often too embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes, which can make the problem worse as the feet are less exposed to fresh air and are unable to heal! At our podiatry practice in Bendigo we treat a variety of skin and nail conditions.

Fungal nails

Your podiatrist can provide incredibly effective fungal nail treatments. Nail conditions will not go away on their on their own, you will need to seek treatment of some kind. The right treatment will restore the health of your feet and your confidence faster. No one wants to go through a summer season wearing closed-in shoes and no one wants to suffer the pain and embarrassment of a fungal nail infection!

Fungal nail infections eat away at your toenails which is painful and unsightly. It is an extremely common problem which can affect anyone. We see it all the time! We can assure you our fungal nail treatment is pain-free. It involves cutting the nail right back, applying a staining gel for 10 minutes and exposing the nail to a light for 10 minutes. You’ll need three appointments over a week to 10 days.



Warts can multiply and are both unwanted and unsightly additions to your feet, but again it is a common foot issue and is a treatable condition. Our podiatrists provide treatments to clear warts from your feet.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and will not go away without attention from a professional. You should never try to remove or treat the problem yourself as you can make it worse and put yourself at risk of infection.

Contact us to book an appointment and get back to feeling confident in no time. We also provide sports podiatry in Bendigo so you can enjoy the freedom of movement.