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Summer Podiatry Hints

Posted on December 11, 2014

Some things to look out for these Summer Holidays

Sun screen
We get a lot of hot summer sunshine in Bendigo and the top of your feet can get sun burnt the same as any other skin on your body. Melanomas and skin cancers can and do form on the feet after sun exposure. So please don’t forget to do the feet when you Slip Slop Slap.
If you see a freckle or mole on the foot, even between the toes or on the soles and your not sure, get it checked! Tip…take a photo and review it in a months time and see if there are any changes.

The general rule is, so long as you are wearing them some time each day you will maintain some benefit. Ideally 80% of the time! However when it’s hot and the beach, river or pool are calling slip on the thongs or sandals and go for it. It is best to wear the orthotics in the cool of the morning and evenings on these days.

Thong, Flip Flops and Jandals
Yes they are OK footwear, but not all day every day footwear.
They are best suited to the water activities including the showers in caravan parks, camping grounds and accommodation sites for protection from nasties like warts and fungis
At OPG we have a range of ‘orthotic’ thongs and sandals that are a great to wear when you can’t wear the orthotics or its too hot

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